Automation, Communication, & Marketing Tools to Grow Your Home Service Business

Automate your follow-ups and close more jobs

That which can be measured, can be managed.

A Complete Marketing Toolkit at your fingertips.

Automatically Call or Text

Your Leads

When a Lead comes in, you can automatically push communication to a user phone for a no wait human connection. Alternatively you can create auto reply text message responses.

Get More Leads with Online Booking and Website Chat

Meet your customers where they are, whether that is by phone, text, chat, or booking an appt. online.

An All-In-One

Phone & Messaging Platform

Automated text messages are perfect because they keep in touch with customers without having the hassle of calling or leaving a message! Incoming and Outgoing phone calls can be made from the Web App and Mobile App.

Market Like a Pro

Using our pro level marketing tools you can take control over ad spend by monitoring results in real-time. Ever notice companies using fancy landing pages and sales funnels to direct customers to a purchase decision? That's all you now!

Create Amazing Automated Workflows

When a lead comes in, you can do anything you want. Update a Google spreadsheet, send a text to a sales person, create a Trello card, etc, etc. The sky is the limit.

Automate Your Follow Up & Close More Deals

Let's say a lead comes in via text, you respond, but the lead goes cold. No problem, send them into a lead follow up workflow to gently nurture them over time. A gentle nurture workflow can turn a cold lead into a hot sale!

Automation is the future. Lead Wrangler automates like a boss.

Plug it into the lead intake side, or back end customer retention side of your workflow... OR BOTH

Easy, Fast, Free Way To Collect Leads For Any Business

Get more leads without spending a penny on advertising.

You read that right. Use the power of AI and automation to "squeeze more juice out of the orange." Capture leads on your website, enable online booking, get more calls from Facebook and Google, and use our powerful workflows to follow-up on them 24/7.

Everything You Need to Automate Your Leads Workflow

Stop losing leads to a competitor.

View all your leads, from Angi, Facebook, your website, phone calls, and texts (and more) all on in one simple inbox. Send yearly appointment reminders, email and text blasts, automated missed call text-backs, and much more.

Integrate with popular FSM software like ServiceTitan, HouseCall Pro, ServiceFusion, and many others via our in-house integration team. We set it up, you win.

Tack Lead Wrangler on the front side and/or back side of your existing system

It's flexible and customizable to your workflow

See your leads in one place

Automate your follow-up to explode your sales.

Create automations to nurture leads (this is a big one). Send appointment reminders, text-to-pay, request reviews and follow-up on estimates - without lifting a finger. Let the power of AUTOMATION grow your business.

Designed by Home Service Pros, for Home Service Pros

It works wonders for our businesses, it'll work for yours too.

Kyle Kozlansky

Long Time Chimney Sweep

& Founder of Lead Wrangler

Justin Neri

Founder of Soot Soldiers Chimney, Give Software LLC, & LW Onboarding and Integration Specialist

Why we built it

We had a problem. Well...two problems.

As all sweeps know, in the chimney industry it's feast or famine.

During the busy season, we couldn't keep up with all the calls, so we lost leads, got overwhelmed, lost track of our families, our spouses, and even time itself. It was all a blur of soot and appointments until winter began.

Then January hit and we would have done anything to make the phone ring again.

So we needed a solution. So we took a page out of the book of a 40-million dollar solar and roofing company owned by one of our friends.

"What's the secret?" we asked.

"Get your marketing right" was the resounding answer.

"But how?" I don't have time to do all this, we're all swamped, and we really don't feel like paying thousands for an agency to do it for us."

"Just automate it", he said.

Get more reviews - on Autopilot.

You can monitor and reply to reviews with push of a button. Send review requests right from the dashboard, no need for emails or text messages anymore!

Track your marketing ROI, down to the penny.

You'll be able to see the ROI and leads in your pipeline with our advanced Dashboard. Track where your leads are coming from and identify your most profitable leads sources to maximize your efficiency.

Capture more leads and win

Check out a few of these awesome features, there are way more waiting inside the system.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are are a type of marketing automation where pre-written messages are sent to prospects or customers over time, triggered by specific actions or behaviors, to gradually nurture them towards a desired outcome. They're effective for building relationships and driving conversations by delivering personalized content at the right time.


Using tags to organize your contacts will guarantee that you send the appropriate message to the correct group at the best time, keeping your communication effectively targeted.

Broadcast Messages

With broadcast messaging, you can effortlessly send a message to an entire list of customers by selecting a list, typing your message, and clicking send. It's that simple!

Personalized Messaging

Generic spammy text messages are ineffective. Lead Wrangler can personalize each message, resulting in conversational texts that will increase your conversion rate significantly.

Two-way Texting

Improve your communication and increase sales using the channel most preferred by consumers with two-way texting. You can conveniently text your customers from your computer or mobile app.

Lead Forms/Landing Pages/Sales Funnels

Capture leads easily with landing page forms and surveys. When customers complete the form, they opt-in to your SMS list and Lead Wrangler automatically sends them a text message or any other type of automated communication.

Email Automation

While SMS is often the preferred method, incorporating emails into your campaigns can still be advantageous. With Lead Wrangler, you can manage your email correspondence alongside your SMS messages and reply promptly.

Scheduled Messages

Create your message at your convenience, and schedule it to be sent at a later time through Lead Wrangler. This ensures that you never overlook following up with a lead again. Lead Wrangler will take care of automatically sending the message on your behalf.

Appointment Reminders

Utilize personalized messaging to send appointment reminders to your contacts who have scheduled a meeting. This simple action can significantly boost your appointment attendance rate.

Trackable Links

Send shortened links through SMS. When a contact clicks the link it is tracked in Lead Wrangler. See what messages are the most effective. If a link is clicked you can then create an automated workflow that follows up, or does just about anything you can think of.

Pipeline Automation

Track the progress of your leads visually with Lead Wrangler's opportunity pipeline interface. As your leads progress through different stages, Lead Wrangler will automatically activate the appropriate SMS campaign to follow up with them.



Integrate Lead Wrangler with hundreds of other systems to establish the optimal workflow for your business. With Lead Wrangler's integration capabilities, you can send and receive data between Lead Wrangler and other systems. During onboarding we build custom integrations to talk to your existing software. If your system has an API or Zapier/Make support, we can get jiggy with it.

Integrated IVR Phone System

A complete internet based phone system exists inside Lead Wrangler. Calls can be made and received by the web app and mobile app.

Integrated AI

AI is everywhere, and it's all over in Lead Wrangler. Let AI respond to messages or generate content for you latest scheduled social media post.

...and much much more

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